Inside/Out: Ice Dance International

At Perles Family Studio: Jul 17

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 6:15pm & 6:50pm


Led by Artistic Director Douglas Webster, Ice Dance International (IDI) brings “ice” dance to the Inside/Out stage for the first time in Pillow history. IDI exists to showcase and promote ice dancing as an international performing art form that blends dance and skating, bringing the highest caliber of the art form to communities across the United States.

Sharing the joy, flight, and flow of skating, the company has created two American Public Television specials currently airing on PBS nationwide called The World of Ice Dance International and In Flight: The Art of Ice Dance International. The specials feature ice dances by Pillow favorites Trey McIntyre and Edward Villella, along with Benoit Richaud and Douglas Webster.

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