DEL at Jacob’s Pillow welcomes participants to experience workshops regardless of financial circumstances. To assist as many participants as possible, scholarships are based on financial need and most are partial, yet generous. Full scholarships require strong evidence of financial need.

PLEASE NOTE: In light of the challenging times we are experiencing, we are only requesting a Written Statement of Need (with fee you can provide) on the registration form for DELving into Dance History and DELving Mini. For questions, contact

How to Apply

Scholarship application materials can be included in the registration form or sent to Thasia Giles, Director of Community Engagement at Jacob’s Pillow, at
Questions? Contact Thasia Giles at 413.243.9919 x161.

  • Scholarship Request | What are you able to pay towards the program fee?
  • Written Statement of Need (500 words or less) | Describe your current financial situation and why a scholarship is necessary.
  • Scholarship Support Materials | Please complete to the best of your ability. If you are a dependent, financial information must be from your parent/guardian.
    • This information supports your Written Statement of Need.
    • Include the following information: Primary Support name and address, occupation, housing status, monthly housing payment, current employer name, and phone (if applicable).
  • Support Documentation | Please complete to the best of your ability. Support your Written Statement of Need with any of the following materials.
    • Proof of Annual Income
    • Most recent Federal Tax Return (first two pages) with all schedules, W-2, and 1099 forms OR current Pay Stub with Deduction Information
    • Income Rent or Mortgage/Maintenance Statement Receipt, lease, or cancelled check
    • If paying tuition and student loans, a copy of bill and/or scholarship statement
    • Social Security, Disability, Public Assistance, or Pension Notification letter or other documentation if applicable
    • Unemployment Verification and most recent pay stub