Art of Photographing Dance

NOTE: We hope the Art of Photographing Dance program can return in 2021; there will not be an online version of this program.

Art of Photographing Dance | August 20—25

Rose Eichenbaum Program Director

Artist Faculty Whitney Browne, Christopher Duggan, and guest speakers to be announced. |  Read more about Artist Faculty.

For 12 United States and international photographers with prior photography training; prior dance photography experience is not required. For ages 18 and up; ages 16-17 will be considered under special circumstances. If you are in the later age category, please contact us to discuss: [email protected] or 413.243.9919 x168.

Directed by award-winning dance photographer and author Rose Eichenbaum, photographers have the rare opportunity to elevate their photographic skills while developing a more highly attuned eye and personal aesthetic. In this historic landmark setting, amidst the lush and beautiful Pillow grounds, inspiration abounds! Sessions take place in studios, on stages, and in site-specific locations on and around the Pillow grounds.

Photographers work closely with celebrated Festival dancers each day to create a wide-range of action, portrait, documentary, commercial, editorial, and fine art images. In learning to design and direct shoots with dancers, photographers gain an understanding of dance movement and vocabulary and strengthen communication skills to work with dancer-models collaboratively, safely, and effectively. Each assignment helps promote creativity, self expression, and individual style and brand.

This truly dance-immersive experience includes onsite meals in the famous Stone Dining Room, researching in the renowned Jacob’s Pillow Archives, and attending Festival performances, rehearsals, exhibitions, events, and after-hour conversations. The program experience enables photographers to gain artistic growth, a stronger artistic point of view, a vision of their possibilities in the field, and an influential career network.

Festival companies during the program include The Sarasota Ballet and Aszure Barton & Artists. Learn about Festival 2020 and explore exciting program-related content, such 2018 Art of Photographing Dance Program participants Christopher Schoenwalder & Sarah Delgado speaking about their unforgettable experience at The School:

History of Photography at Jacob’s Pillow

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The Pillow has nurtured rich and fruitful relationships with dance photographers for over eight decades, beginning in the 1930s with John Lindquist and continuing with John Van Lund in the 1940s and Jack Mitchell in the 1950s. The Archives at Jacob’s Pillow houses tens of thousands of dance photos and negatives, including images by George Platt Lynes, Edward Weston, Barbara Morgan, and George Hoyningen-Huene. Annual exhibits showcase and give insight into dance and dance photography. Leading photographers including Lois Greenfield, Annie Leibovitz, and Philip Trager have discussed their work in public talks. In recent years, many renowned photographers have shot at the Pillow, including Christopher Duggan, Rose Eichenbaum, Jordan Matter, Toby Old, and Mike Van Sleen. Jacob’s Pillow annually offers a 15-week Festival internship in Photography.

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Program Director

Rose Eichenbaum

August 25—30
Rose Eichenbaum is an award-winning photographer and one of the most respected photojournalists working in the arts today. With more than 25 years of teaching experience, she brings a unique and intimate approach to her workshops and artist residencies.

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Visit Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive to view an ever-growing collection of dance videos filmed at Jacob's Pillow from the 1930's to today.