The School at Jacob’s Pillow wrapped summer Professional Advancement Programs on August 21. Check back regularly for updates about 2023 programs. Applications open in November. 

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Age Eligibility

  • School Performance Ensembles on the Jacob’s Pillow campus 
    • 16 years of age required by arrival day for on campus Contemporary Ballet, Contemporary, Dance Theatre: Afro-Latin Immersion, and Musical Theatre programs

Liability Waivers 

  • Participation in any School event requires receipt of a legally signed Liability Waiver, located within the application and registration forms

Participation Requirements

The School’s programs, onsite and virtual, are designed for socially mature, technically advanced dancers who are focused on a professional career. 

  • Dancers need to be physically fit for the rigor and intensity required in classes, rehearsals, and performances. This includes having the stamina to be fully active for at least eight hours per day for onsite programs and at least 5 hours per day for online programs. 
  • If you are recovering from a recent injury or surgery, you need to recover fully and postpone your participation to a later time. We sincerely want you dancing for the long-term, not the short-term, and lack the facilities and resources for comprehensive recovery and rehabilitation care.

The well-being of everyone who lives, works, and visits Jacob’s Pillow is important. 

  • As of this writing, Jacob’s Pillow planning onsite programming and participation. Monitoring procedures and regulations with regards to COVID-19 is ongoing, in consultation with a team of medical advisors. 
  • All on campus residents, workers, and visitors will be subject to applicable international, federal, and Massachusetts COVID-19 requirements, as well as campus protocols established by Jacob’s Pillow. This could impact an individual’s travel plans and/or participation, in addition to an entire group’s onsite interactions. 
  • Performance Ensemble dancers must complete a confidential medical history form, which includes immunization records, and note any conditions that could interfere with full program participation. 


  • Artist Faculty and Programming are subject to change. Jacob’s Pillow will make every effort to post updates on this website and notify dancers in advance.
  • The School at Jacob’s Pillow is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students and encourages and supports diversity in all programs.
  • Jacob’s Pillow is committed to offering a safe, caring, sharing, collaborative environment where artistic growth is possible for all.