The Ann & Weston Hicks Choreography Fellows Program

The Ann & Weston Hicks Choreography Fellows Program | Aug 21-31

Dianne McIntyre & Risa Steinberg, Program Directors

Guest Choreographers announced after selection of the Fellows. Read bios.

The Ann & Weston Hicks Choreography Fellows Program marks the continued implementation of Vision ‘22, the institution’s five-year growth plan to support and expand its role as a year-round center for dance creation and research.

Led by long-time transformative dance artists and mentors, Dianne McIntyre and Risa Steinberg, eight Choreography Fellows will be guided through extensive studio time to evolve a choreographic idea. The program is fully process-oriented, with no expectations of an end-product or public showing. Fellows will use discussions, assignments, and feedback sessions to craft and evolve choreography. Festival choreographers, guest choreographers, and other professionals will meet with the Fellows throughout the program to share additional insights and career advice.

“The young Fellows will have the dedicated time and space to answer: Who am I as an artist? What do I want to say? And how do I want to say it?”

Following the program, Fellows will have the opportunity to return to the Pillow within the year for extended mentorship and to further develop their work.

During the August program, each of the eight Choreography Fellows will be able to invite two dancers to join them, ensuring that work developed at the Pillow can continue in their home communities if desired. Fellows and their dancers will live onsite, attend Festival performances, artist and scholar-led talks, and other events, and research in the Jacob’s Pillow Archives. These experiences will be integral components to the development of each Fellow’s unique artistic point of view. Selected Fellows will have all participation costs underwritten, except travel expenses. Dancers will receive a modest participation stipend.

“The future of art lives in the hands of the makers and the doers.”

Program Directors

Dianne McIntyre

Dianne McIntyre is a dancer, choreographer, and cultural investigator, who creates work in dance, opera, film, and theatre, including Broadway. Known for collaborations with live “jazz” musicians, she founded and directed Sounds in Motion Company and School in Harlem for many years.

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Risa Steinberg

Risa Steinberg is an active member of the dance community as a performer, teacher, re-constructor of the works of José Limón, and mentor to young, emerging, and established choreographers. A former principal dancer with the American Repertory Dance Company, Anna Sokolow’s Player’s Project, Annabelle Gamson, Bill Cratty Dance Theater, Colin Connor, and José Limón Dance Company, Steinberg has also been a guest artist with choreographers including DanzaHoy of Caracas, Venezuela, Sean Curran, and Wally Cardona.

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