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Viewpoint / Brian Brooks Immersive Technology

At jacobspillow.org: Jul 24

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This performance took place on July 24, 2021. Scroll for bonus content!

Experience on the grounds of the Pillow or in audience’s living room, Brian Brooks created a real-time Augmented Reality performance, experienced as a 3D hologram through the lens of a smartphone. This new form of media, called Volumetric Video, allowed the viewer to control the point of view of a live-action performance and superimpose the experience into whatever environment they were in.

The innovative new Viewpoint, created in collaboration with the Seattle-based technology company Omnivor Media following Brooks’ UW Fellowship, allowed audiences to view a dancer performance through the lens of their smartphone in any location throughout the globe. By opening an online link that triggers the user’s camera, audiences could place a 3D dancer into their environment and their reality with real-time, streaming video. Brooks’ groundbreaking technology allowed the viewer to control the point of view, free to move around the image from all angles and depths. Onsite Pillow audiences had the additional opportunity to view the virtual dancer in duet with the live performer in a revolutionary fusion of live and virtual dance. This mobile dance studio pilots a new chapter of work for Brooks, who has been seeking to utilize the intersection between dance and tele-presence technology to radically expand access and intimacy within his art form.

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