Musical Theatre Dance

Chet Walker, Program Director | July 30-August 20

Chet Walker and award-winning Broadway choreographers, directors, composers, arrangers, and musicians collaboratively create original numbers weekly on dancers. Shared as work-in-progress showings for Festival audiences on August 4, 11, and 18, this work quickly creates an ensemble able to shift between characters, moods, and styles. With the same fast-paced rigor required to mount Broadway productions, artist faculty and performers build a body of dance and vocal work that is presented as a benefit for The School at Jacob’s Pillow on August 19th. Held in the Ted Shawn Theatre with a live band, and perhaps an appearance or two by alumni of The School, this is an exciting culmination to three weeks of morning-to-night studio experiences.

Daily technique classes focus on styles integral to advancing musical stories today and may include ballet, jazz, musical theatre dance, hip-hop, swing, tap, or other forms. Training reflects the necessity for well-versed and multi-faceted Broadway performers, including one-on-one vocal training, master classes, and career-building discussions with Festival artists.

For 24 musical theatre dancers at an advanced pre-professional or professional level with singing and acting experience, age 16 and up.

2018 Musical Theatre Dance Faculty

Chet Walker

Chet Walker is a multi-award winning director/choreographer for his work in theaters across the globe as well as in television, film, music video, and commercial media.

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